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Homestead Elementary School

2830 Hillsboro Blvd., Aurora IL 60503

Main Line: 630.636.3100

Attendance Line: 630-636-3101


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Do you want to be informed?  
Do you want weekly updates about upcoming activities, special dates, and announcements?  Do you want updates VIA computer, IPAD, or cell phone?  Do you find yourself saying, “Where the heck did that flyer disappear to?”

Do not miss a thing~  Check Out the PTA Virtual Backpack Today!!!!!

Unfortunately, due to technical errors at the district, the weekly Virtual Backpack is no longer being pushed out via email weekly.  But have no fear!  You can still access the Virtual Backpack easily by liking and/or visiting the Homestead PTA Facebook page or visiting the Homestead PTA Websites at and clicking on the Virtual Backpack link ( The Virtual Backpack is posted to both of these sites on Friday of each week.


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Note: This Homestead Shutterfly Site site is password protected. If you are member of the Homestead community and do not remember the password, please contact a PTA Board Member.

Membership Information

By joining the PTA, you help create a stronger organization for all children. Being a part of our local PTA gives us a voice in children advocacy initiatives, access to resources and other programs we couldn't get on our own.

Please join today! The cost is $10 per individual and $5 for faculty and staff. 

Joining the PTA gives you the ability to:

        • Receive access to the Directory App (names, addresses & phone numbers)
        • Vote at all general membership meetings
        • Serve as a committee chair for a PTA event or be a member of the PTA board

Please click here to download a PTA Membership Form and join now.